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Nutrition and Personal
Training Packages

For any clients that require more in-depth nutritional support to help them reach their fat loss goals and optimise their health further, we have teamed up Sarah Lockyer, from The Eating Therapist, who is a fully qualified nutritional therapist specialising in weight reduction and fat loss.

Pure Personal Training

There are a number of discounted packages on offer to choose from:

Package One:

  • Initial Consultation in Nutritional Therapy, plus a follow-up appointment 3-6 weeks later.
  • Initial consultation with Pure Personal Training, offering an assessment of your fitness and exercise goals, a 1:1 training session and a personalised training plan written to suit your individual needs that you can follow at home


Package Two:

  • Initial Consultation in Nutritional Therapy plus 2 follow-up appointments12 sessions over 6 weeks with Pure Boot Camp


Package Three:

  • Initial Consultation in Nutritional Therapy, plus 2 follow-up appointments,
  • 5 Personal Training sessions with Pure Personal Training, including initial fitness consultation, plus written programme to follow at home


you can't out train a bad diet

"Personal training sessions with Kelley have helped my metabolism fire up... We also routinely monitor my diet to ensure that I am keeping to a healthy eating plan that is both realistic and works with the type of exercise that I am doing so now I have a much better understanding of nutrition and its effects on the body."

Sasha O. More testomonials >>