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Nature's Sunshine Products

It's a myth that any brand will do. The quality of supplement is just as important as the quality of food you eat. However, unfortunately not all supplements are created equal and some mainstream brands are made with synthetic ingredients - these brands are usually cheaper in price - but not necessarily good for you. Their chemical structure affects the way the body can break down and absorb the vitamins or minerals, so at Pure Personal Training and Pure Bootcamp we always recommend Nature Sunshine's products to our clients, as we know there quality is the best.

Why We Endorse And Use Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine is a recognized leader in quality control, spending millions of pounds testing every single batch of raw materials used to produce the various supplements they make. They take great care to make sure wherever possible their ingredients is organically sourced.

The 5 main reasons why we endorse and use Nature's Sunshine Products:

  1. Experience - They have been around for over 40 years and have a commitment to uncompromising quality and use only the best ingredients. They were the first to encapsulate herbs.
  2. They have an extraordinary product line, over 600 products.
  3. Their pricing is excellent, especially considering the quality testing they do.
  4. Each Supplement goes through more than 600 different quality control procedures to check the ingredients and potency of each product is of the highest quality.
  5. Nature's Sunshine products speak for themselves, once you use them for yourself, you will understand how good they are and will more than likely go on to recommend them to others.

Click to order any Natures Sunshine Products or to see their full range.

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"Personal training sessions with Kelley have helped my metabolism fire up... We also routinely monitor my diet to ensure that I am keeping to a healthy eating plan that is both realistic and works with the type of exercise that I am doing so now I have a much better understanding of nutrition and its effects on the body."

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