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Build muscle

At Pure Personal Training we work with both male and female clients to help them build muscle and improve their physique.

It's a myth that women will bulk up if they use weights; the fact is they don't have enough of the hormone testosterone for this to happen. Instead they will become stronger, and will look leaner!

Muscle helps to burn more energy at rest; therefore, having more muscle will definitely help burn more energy and fat. Plus, let's not forget you'll look leaner and more defined!

If this is your goal, then an individual program will be developed for you by Pure Personal Training so you can start building muscle, burning more fat, and looking great!

kettlebell used for building muscle

"Kelley is a truly excellent
personal trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough (Kelley, you are KILLING me!) and warm (you are doing SO well; don't give up!) and she works with the whole person - mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts I am in better shape than I have been in years..."

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